Thursday, May 21, 2015


 Hestia, sometimes known as Vesta is the goddess of hearth and home. I experimented with this goddess when working in the hospitality industry. Thought it would help me o my job better and it did.

Reading the story of the goddess will help in the construction of the ritual. I believe in creating your own. Read a bit and borrow elements that speak to you.

Patrons claimed to be most comfortable, felt appreciated and honoured when passing through where I was working. Some said they missed the welcoming feeling after I had gone.

Things to note when invoking Hestia:
1) Attention to detail in creating comfort increases.
2) Attention to persons in your care increases.
3) Driven to make things neater, prettier, more luxurious
4) Increasing interest in the pageantry of entertaining.
5) Increasing awareness of things being "out of place" and the tendency to deal with them.
6) A feeling of being unconnected to one's self. Service to others is always the priority.
7) A feeling of being beholden unto no man (like the old definition of virgin)

Blessed Be.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Roman Goddess of Earth and Agriculture. Associated with the harvest. She promotes motherly love and healthy growing plants.
Invoking this Goddess, leaves you with feelings of productivity related to the home. Home improvement, cooking, nurturing all begin to take priority.
Urges to make everything from scratch!.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Selene is the daughter of Titans Thela and Hyperion, and the Greek Goddess of the Full Moon. She is sister to Helios (sun) and Eos (dawn).
She fell in love with the mortal Endymion, a shepherd. Endymion was human, and, to ensure that he had eternal life, Selene cast a spell to make him sleep forever. They had 50 daughters.

Effects of invoking Selene:
1) Sleep patterns are disturbed
2) Dreams are more vivid
3) Daytime mind is cloudy and lethargic
4)Tendency to lose touch with reality
5) Magickal understanding increases.